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Engine Remapping Nottingham

Let us ask you a quick question- how much do you spend on fuel every month?

With gas prices ever on the rise, we're betting that its more than you've ever spent before. Although cars are getting smarter and more efficient, this can still mean an increasing drain on your wallet. But there is good news; we know how you can save money while boosting your car's performance.

Count on Gee Diesel Services Ltd to maximise the potential of your vehicle. Our ECU remapping service will help you get the most out of your car. 

  • Increase BHP and torque
  • Increase fuel economy
  • Decrease your fuel spend

Engine Remapping Nottingham

It is a misconception that only high-end or newer cars have an ECU- this is simply not true. Engine Control Units (ECU) are a vital component of almost all vehicles, including your daily runabouts. Consider it the brain of your car; it controls and monitors the function of various systems that makes the car work. Often, manufacturers will program the ECU so it compromises power to meet emission standards and other regulations.

ECU Engine Remapping

Remapping refers to the process in which we reprogram the brain of your engine by loading updated and better software onto the ECU, essentially allowing the car to make smarter decisions when it comes to things like how much fuel to use when you put your foot on the accelerator. Engine remapping allows us to finely tune the vehicle to enhance its performance without compromising other facts such as reliability, safety and handling. This ultimately increases your engine's efficiency, leading to better performance and lower fuel consumption.

Remapping for Improved Torque

Before we start our engine remapping process, we will examine your car, engine and ECU thoroughly so that we can make sure any improvements are well within the original threshold design parameters. Your car's reliability will be unaffected in the future, and ensure you don't face any costly engine repair work. We believe in offering an honest and open service, so if we think your car won’t see a satisfactory improvement, we will inform you as such so you can make an informed decision whether to proceed. 

 Is engine remapping legal?

Absolutely! Under the current UK laws, remapping is classified as a modification to the vehicle, even if the tangible components have not been altered. Although it’s not a visible change, we would still recommend informing your vehicle insurer of any modifications or you could risk voiding your insurance policy.

Improve Engine Performance with Tuning

Gee Diesel Services Ltd have been established since 1964, and are proud to be one of the leading specialists in the country when it comes to diesel engines. From our fully-equipped workshop in Nottingham, we offer a comprehensive range of diesel engine services include diagnostics and repairs, DPF cleaning and replacement, and more. 

Is engine remapping legal

We source top quality components from Bosch, Denso, Delphi and continental VDO- so you can be certain that only trusted and tested parts make it into your vehicle, and all of your engineers are trained to the highest standard, meaning your car is always in expert hands. 

If you have any questions about our products and processes, simply get in touch and speak with one of our experienced engineers. Unleash your car's full potential; call us now on 0115 9637300 and book an appointment today.

Improving fuel economy for increased engine performance

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