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Welcome to Gee Diesel Services in Nottinghamshire

Is your car hitting peak performance Gee diesel services specialize in getting the most out of your motor from power upgrades and remapping to tuning and diesel diagnostics.

We know what it takes to achieve peak performance out of your diesel engine.

Who are we 

We are a family run business Established in 1964. Over the years we have assisted many company's from all around the world who have been very satisfied with are service. . There is a reason our reputation in Nottinghamshire is unrivaled. Because we provide you with nothing but the very best. We source top quality components from bosch denso delphi . 
Our expert engineers will diagnose using the latest diesel level equipment then the defected fuel pump or injector can be removed and tested within our in house dedicated workshop. The unit will be repaired to manufactures standard and then refitted to the vehicle. 

What Services we do

  • Engine Remapping- Our experts will increase your performance, torque and fuel economy
  • Diesel fuel injector- We are able to test, report, repair and recondition your injectors or supply
  • Diesel diagnostics- Our dealer- level equipment can identify any problem
  • Diesel particulate filter- repair, regenerate or modify your filters to keep your engine running smoothly
  • Diesel partical filter - we can repair regenerate and modify

Contacting Gee Diesel Services for Engine Tuning in Nottinghamshire

We source top quality components from Bosch, Denso, Delphi and continental VDO - so you can be certain that only trusted and tested parts make it into your vehicle, And all of your engineers are trained to the highest standard, meaning your car is always in expert hands.

Whether your're looking for remapping, a repair or diagnostics Put our expertise to the test. Call 0115 963 7300

Diesel Performance Tuning in Nottinghamshire and Engine Remapping in Ashfield and Nottingham

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