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Wednesday 23rd of May 2018

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Engine remapping specialists in Nottingham

We've got the know-how to improve your performance

how much do you spend on fuel every month?

with petrol prices rising, we're betting that its more then you've ever spent before. But we know how you can save money while increasing your car's performance.

the answer is Gee Diesel Services, expert engine remapping service.

Increase BHP, increase fuel efficiency, Decrease your fuel spend.

Our engine remapping service will ensure that you get the most from your vehicle's engine.

In layman's terms, we re-program the "brain" of your engine by retuning the ECU and loading updated and better software. This increases your engine's efficiency, leading to better performance and lower fuel consumption.

In fact, an economy remap from Gee Diesel can decrease your fuel consumption.

Commitment to Quality

Before we start our remapping process, we examine your car, engine and ECU thoroughly, so that we can make sure any improvements are well within the original threshold design parameters. Your car's reliability will be unaffected in the future, and ensure you don't face any costly engine repair work.

Contacting Gee Diesel Services for Diesel Services in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire

We source top quality components from Bosch, Denso, Delphi and continental VDO - so you can be certain that only trusted and tested parts make it into your vehicle, And all of your engineers are trained to the highest standard, meaning your car is always in expert hands.

 Our remapping service will wring more torque and more power from any engine safely and easily and 100% legally

Unleash your car's full potential. Call us now on 0115 963 7300 and book  an appointment today.

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